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Plant LA


Christopher Hawthorne,
Chief design officer for the city of Los Angeles and director of the 3rd LA series at USC Dornsife



How might the 3rd LA Zoom
event enable attendees to better
understand the
indigenous plants of California and
the relationship between humans
and nature through an interactive
This project is for the 3rd LA Series
“Beyond Land Acknowledgement:
New Models of Support and
Reparation for Indigenous
In this virtual event, we lead Tongva
voices for a discussion about how
Los Angeles and other cities can
more actively and meaningfully
support Indigenous communities.
Many institutions have adopted
Indigenous land acknowledgment
policies in recent years. Yet, Native
leaders frequently caution that
these statements risk ringing
hollow if they are not backed by a
larger commitment to reparative
work, land conservancy, and
comanagement, and land return,
among other goals. This event, free
and open to the public, will explore
what forms this work can take and
the coalitions moving it forward.

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