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Hello, I'm Jojo Yeh, an artist and designer passionate about pushing the boundaries of creativity. Showcasing my work in various exhibitions, my artistic journey integrates fine art, design studies, and illustration in a multidisciplinary approach. Nature profoundly inspires my ceramics and fiber art, reflecting a deep connection to the environment.​


In fiber art, I explore diverse materials and techniques to capture the intricacies of natural landscapes, celebrating the rhythm and harmony found in nature. My artistic exploration extends to human-centered design, crafting emotionally resonant experiences that foster wonder and reverence for the natural world.


​Venturing into the field of branding, I use my artistic skills to communicate the essence of environmentally conscious brands, instilling a sense of responsibility and respect for nature. Each piece symbolizes my artistic growth and a celebration of the wonders surrounding us, aiming to inspire others to embrace nature's beauty and recognize our collective responsibility for its preservation.

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